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A picture is worth a thousand words

Vasiliki and Giorgos | Antiparos wedding, Aegean sea-Greece

Photographer ak3fotografia

Antiparos island wedding.

Vasiliki and Giorgos’ wedding celebration in Antiparos was a perfect blend of intimacy, Mediterranean charm, and heartfelt traditions.

Choosing the private estate in Antiparos for their wedding weekend added a personal touch to the celebration. The description of the welcome party at a local tavern, a place the couple loved since childhood, reflects a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. Greek traditional live music, wine, tsipouro, meze, and the charming blue textures and basil pots contributed to creating a perfect pre-wedding event with a relaxed Mediterranean ambiance.

The religious ceremony at Soros beach, in a small picturesque chapel next to the sea, paints a romantic and idyllic picture. The setting at Soros beach, surrounded by friends and family, adds to the intimate and serene atmosphere. The cocktail and dinner at the pool area with long family-style tables adorned with flower pots and detailed art de la table suggests a carefully curated and visually stunning reception.

The night filled with heartfelt speeches, wine, and dancing till early in the morning captures the joyous and celebratory spirit of the occasion. The combination of tradition, natural beauty, and personal touches likely created a memorable and unique wedding experience for Vasiliki, Giorgos, and their guests.

Wishing the couple a lifetime of love and happiness as they embark on this new journey together, surrounded by the warm memories of their magical  Antiparos island wedding.