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A picture is worth a thousand words

Four Seasons Astir Palace Athens wedding

Four Seasons Athens wedding.

A luxury wedding at the Four Seasons Astir Palace located at the  Athenian Riviera with a focus on white elegance and crystal details sounds absolutely breathtaking. The attention to detail in creating a luxurious atmosphere is evident in the description.

The 14  metres length mirror aisle for the bride adds a touch of grandeur and creates a stunning visual effect. Walking down such an aisle towards a groom waiting under a fully covered flower arch must have been a magical moment. The use of flowers to decorate the arch not only adds to the beauty but also brings in a natural and romantic element.

The carefully decorated art de la table for dinner suggests a sophisticated and tasteful dining setup. The use of white, along with crystal details, maintains an elegant and luxurious theme throughout the wedding. The emphasis on crystal details likely adds a royal and glamorous touch to the overall decor.

The mention of a special wedding party that includes roulette royale adds a unique and entertaining element to the celebration. This indicates a thoughtful approach to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for the couple and their guests.

Overall, it seems like this luxury wedding at the Four Seasons Astir Palace,  Athenian Riviera was a meticulously planned and beautifully executed event. From the mirror aisle to the flower-covered arch and the elegant dinner setup, every detail contributes to the opulence and charm of the celebration. Wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness as they embark on this new journey together.