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A picture is worth a thousand words

Grand Resort Lagonissi wedding- A Greek American affair

Photos by Vangelis Photography

Anastasia and Chris’s love story sounds like a beautiful journey from New York to Greece, and their wedding in Lagonissi Grand Resort appears to be a celebration filled with elegance and inspiration from the Greek surroundings.

The choice of an orthodox ceremony adds a touch of tradition and cultural richness to the event. Adorning the venue in beautiful shades of green and white creates a fresh and timeless ambiance, evoking the natural beauty of Greece. The use of white ceramic pots and centrepieces resembling upgraded olive trees with white florals suggests a harmonious blend of rustic charm and sophistication.

The incorporation of Greek-inspired elements not only pays homage to the location but also adds a personal and meaningful touch to the decor. The symbolism of olive trees, often associated with peace and prosperity, likely added a deeper layer of significance to the ceremony.

It’s delightful to envision Anastasia and Chris exchanging their vows surrounded by loved ones in such a scenic and thoughtfully decorated setting. The combination of green and white hues, along with the Greek-inspired details, creates an atmosphere of romance and tranquillity.

Their wedding in Lagonissi Grand Resort, adorned with elements inspired by the beauty of Greece, surely made for a unique and memorable celebration. Wishing Anastasia and Chris a lifetime filled with love and joy as they continue their journey together.