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A picture is worth a thousand words


Captured by Les Anagnou

Hydra island wedding.

Demi and Loukas really wanted to have a picturesque wedding! Is there a better place than Hydra island? The history of the island, the architecture, the cultural vibes are some of the reasons couples choose Hydra for their soothing wedding. No cars or motorbikes are allowed within the island and rhythms of life are very calm.

Their wedding celebration lasted more than 5 days. Welcome cocktail party, pre wedding dinner, the wedding day and an after day brunch.

The choice of green and vibrant colors for a wedding in Hydra, a Greek island, sounds absolutely stunning and refreshing. It’s indeed an unexpected yet beautiful combination that likely created a vibrant and lively atmosphere for the celebration.

The Orthodox ceremony in the Metropolis adds a touch of tradition and cultural richness to the wedding. Imagining the couple exchanging vows in such a historical and meaningful setting adds depth and significance to the ceremony.

With guests flying in from all over the world, they wanted their friends and family to not only be wowed by the location – but also by every component Fevronia’s Event team dreamed up.

Demi and Loukas came with donkeys and traditional music to the church, Demi was wearing a magical Oscar de la Renta bridal dress, she got ready at the monumental hotel Hydrea and of course part of the team were Les Anagnou photographers that captured this magic!

The reception at a famous venue overlooking the sea suggests a picturesque and scenic backdrop for the celebration. Dinner under the deep blue Hydra sky, surrounded by colorful flowers, golden details, and a breathtaking view, creates a romantic and idyllic setting.

The use of colorful flowers and golden details likely added a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall decor in this Hydra Island wedding. The deep blue sky of Hydra provides a natural and elegant backdrop, enhancing the visual appeal of the wedding.

This description paints a picture of a vibrant, cultural, and visually stunning celebration on the beautiful Greek island of Hydra. Wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness as they carry the memories of their unique and picturesque wedding day.