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A picture is worth a thousand words

Kefalonia island wedding

Kefalonia island wedding by George Kossieris

Ioanna and Michael’s decision to have a Greek wedding on the beautiful island of Kefalonia sounds like a romantic and memorable choice. The description suggests a night filled with grace and elegance, perfectly complemented by the enchanting setting of Kefalonia.

The incorporation of mirror and golden details adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the celebration. This combination likely created a visually stunning and cohesive theme, enhancing the overall elegance of the wedding. The reflection in the mirrors, combined with the golden elements, would have added depth and richness to the decor.

The mention of flower clouds under which the couple danced for the first time as husband and wife paints a poetic and romantic image. The symbolism of dancing beneath flower clouds adds a layer of enchantment and beauty to this special moment.

The additional touch of fairy lights and candlelights adds warmth and a magical ambiance to the night. The play of lights, combined with the natural beauty of Kefalonia, would have created a truly romantic and dreamlike atmosphere for Ioanna and Michael and their guests.

It sounds like Ioanna and Michael’s Kefalonia island wedding  was a celebration of love surrounded by elegance, luxury, and the natural beauty of the Ionian Sea. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness as they carry the memories of this special day with them.