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A picture is worth a thousand words


Photographer Yiannis Alefantou


Odigitria and Andreas’ wedding celebration at the Kinsterna Hotel and Spa in Monemvasia sounds like a luxurious and meticulously planned experience.The decision to rent out the entire exclusive hotel for their nearest and dearest, with rooms for up to 120 people, reflects a commitment to privacy and creating an intimate atmosphere for the celebration.The rehearsal dinner with Greek tastes, local products, and the hotel-produced tsipouro adds a touch of authenticity and local flavour to the pre-wedding festivities. The choice of the small chapel within the hotel for the ceremony contributes to the overall charm and convenience for the guests.The focus on immersing guests in the sensual and seductive nature of Monemvasia through matching decoration, flowers, and style creates a visually cohesive and immersive experience. This Kinsterna wedding, Monemvasia included hanging greeneries, white flowers, light bubbles, and the amazing voice of Penny Baltatzi likely contributed to the perfect wedding atmosphere.

The availability of activities within the hotel, such as soap making, wine tasting, horse riding lessons, and spa treatments, suggests a thoughtful consideration for providing a range of experiences for the guests to enjoy during their stay.Wishing Odigitria and Andreas a lifetime filled with love and happiness as they cherish the memories of their luxurious and private wedding celebration at the Kinsterna Hotel and Spa.